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General Working Conditions
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Considerable expense is necessary to train individuals to the level of proficiency that is required to conduct Search and Rescue missions. Due to this investment AeroRescue is committed to growing and retaining the individuals skill sets.

AeroRescue employees enjoy pay and conditions that recognize their skill levels and commitment.

Hours of Duty

The 24 hour operation is covered by two shifts. Each shift will consist of duty and standby time.

The nature of the task requires rapid response. Therfore the bases are manned at all times during daylight hours. The crew are on quick recall during hours of darkness.

Annual leave

The employee will be entitled to (6) six weeks annual leave per annum.

Sick leave

The employee will be entitled to (10) ten days sick leave per annum.

Long Service Leave

The employee will be entitled to Long Service Leave as per their State or Territory Act.